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Message from the Director

Toshirou Nishida, M.D., Ph.D. Fifty percent of Japan's people will suffer from cancer in their lifetime. Cancer is an illness affecting even the working generation, and is one of the most critical health issues that Japan as a nation must overcome. A variety of cancer policies and research have been carried out up until now, and treatment outcomes are generally improving. Cancer, however, still remains a dangerous illness that is difficult to defeat. In response to these circumstances, the National Cancer Center has been providing medical treatment and committing research development to realize a society in which people could avoid the onset of cancer, beat cancer, or live with cancer.

The National Cancer Center was established in 1962, as a hub for cancer treatment in Japan. The Center's purpose is to develop new treatments, and to cooperate with patients and the community to provide world-class cancer treatment. Last year, the Center became a National Research and Development Agency. Thereafter, the combined efforts of the Hospital, Hospital East, and our Research Institute have gone into taking on goals such as resolving issues that are difficult for universities or companies to handle and producing the world's most cutting-edge research results for cancer treatment.

Since its establishment in 1962, the National Cancer Center Hospital has been providing world-class medical treatment as a cancer-specialized hospital. As Japan's leading hospital for cancer treatment, the Center has spread the newest cancer treatments throughout the country, and has nurtured many outstanding specialist healthcare providers, including physicians, nurses, and pharmacists. At the same time, our staff is conducting high-quality clinical research and studies for the next era of cancer treatment development. In 2015, we were designated as a core hospital for clinical research, as well. In the coming years, we hope to proceed further with high-quality clinical research and studies by international standards, to contribute to Japan's innovative development of medical treatments, and to send the results of these out across Japan, as well as around the globe. There is more to an illness like cancer than just being "sick." There is also a host of suffering and anxiety, and problems that arise and affect daily activities and employment. At the Hospital, we are researching the best way to provide the necessary support for relieving or removing these kinds of suffering from the lives of cancer patients. This kind of treatment development cannot be accomplished by medical staff alone. If patients and medical staff work together as one, we can build a better tomorrow for cancer treatment. Therefore, we ask for your understanding and cooperation.

Japan is currently facing an aging population, and the number of people (including our patients) with illnesses other than cancer is increasing rapidly. The National Cancer Center Hospital, a cancer-specialized facility, has been working in cooperation with the nearby Jikei University School of Medicine and Saiseikai Central Hospital since 2015 in a system by which patients with other diseases can receive secure and optimal care for cancer. All employees will continue in our aspirations to be a reliable medical staff and hospital for our patients, and will remain engaged in our goal to provide the world's best treatment, and conduct the most cutting-edge research and development possible.

I ask for your kind support and advice.

Toshirou Nishida, M.D., Ph.D.
National Cancer Center Hospital

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