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National Cancer Center Research Institute Japan
Annual Report 2002


I. Preface

II. Organization of the National Cancer Center

III. Overview of Research Activities

IV. Activities of the Divisions, Sections and Projects of the National
Cancer Center Research Institute

Research Institute (Tsukiji Campus)
1. Pathology Division
2. Biochemistry Division
3. Experimental Pathology and Chemotherapy Division
4. Biology Division
5. Pharmacology Division
6. Cancer Medicine and Biophysics Division
7. Growth Factor Division
8. Molecular Oncology Division
9. Cancer Information and Epidemiology Division
10. Virology Division
11. Genetics Division
12. Radiobiology Division
13. Carcinogenesis Division
14. Section for Studies on Metastasis
15. Section for Studies on Host-Immune Response
16. Cancer Genomics Project
17. Cancer Prevention Basic Research Project
18. Cancer Proteomics Project
19. DNA Methylation and Genome Function Project
20. Tumor Endocrinology Project
21. Tumor Suppression and Functional Genomics Project
Research Institute, East (Kashiwa Campus)
22. Pathology Division
23. Epidemiology and Biostatistics Division
24. Investigative Treatment Division
25. Psycho-Oncology Division

V. List of Papers Published in 2002

VI. Seminars and Visitors

  1. Monthly Seminars of the National Cancer Center Research Institute, 2002
  2. Invited Seminars Held in 2002
  3. Researchers Who Visited in 2002

VII. List of Researchers

VIII. Project Index Arranged by Category

IX. Keyword Index