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Objective of Founding

 Following World War II, there was a change in the diseases afflicting Japanese and deaths from "cancer" increased. This made it necessary for the nation to develop a comprehensive "cancer center" to serve as the nucleus of cancer measures from the standpoint of medical and health measures for its citizens. As a result, the Preparation Committee for the Establishment of the National Cancer Center was formed in 1960 led by Takeo Tamiya, then president of the Japanese Association of Medical Science, together with eight other members. This Committee pursuited the ideal form for the "cancer center," discussed future concepts as well as other important matters and submitted an opinion report to the Ministry of Health and Welfare. In line with this, the "National Cancer Center" was formerly established on February 1, 1962. The objective of the Center was to form the ideal cancer center in Tokyo that would serve as the nucleus for national cancer measures.

 Over time, the Center expanded and enhanced its facilities to the extent of providing diagnosis, research, and training. In April, 2010, the Center has shifted to Independent Administrative Institute. Under the new system we continue in the battle to "govercome cancer," the long cherished wish of humanity, not only as the central facility for cancer measures in Japan but also in the world.