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Hirofumi Fujii, MD, PhDHirofumi Fujii, MD, PhD

藤井 博史

Recent advance in cancer treatment has enhanced the importance of functional information of tumors as well as their morphology. Since in vivo imaging tests can evaluate the whole of the tumor with minimal invasion, in vivo functional imaging studies would greatly contribute to the optimization of current cancer therapy. We are actively investigating molecular imaging methods that can visualize functional features of tumors toward their clinical application.

Official title

  • Chief, Division of Functional Imaging
  • Visiting Professor, Tokyo University of Science
  • Visiting Professor, Tokyo Metropolitan University

Area of research

  • Diagnostic Imaging


  • sentinel node
  • PET
  • hypoxia

Current main research theme

  • Nuclear oncology
  • Molecular imaging of cancer

Collaborative research themes

  • Preclinical and clinical in vivo tumor imaging studies


hifujii●east.ncc.go.jp(● replace to @)

Brief History

  • 1987  Graduated from Keio University, School of Medicine
  • 1987  Resident, Department of Radiology, Keio University, School of Medicine
  • 1989  Assistant, Department of Radiology, Keio University, School of Medicine
  • 2002  Assistant Professor, Department of Radiology, Keio University, School of Medicine
  • 2005  Visiting Professor, Division of Hematology / Oncology, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Harvard Medical School
  • 2006  Chief, Division of Functional Imaging, National Cancer Center Hospital East
  • 2012  Present position

Major affiliated societies

  • Japan Radiological Society (Councilor)
  • Japanese Society of Nuclear Medicine (Director, Secretary General)
  • Japanese Society for Molecular Imaging (President)
  • Japanese Cancer Association
  • Japan Society of Clinical Oncology
  • Japanese Society for Sentinel Node Navigation Surgery (Councilor)
  • Radiological Society of North America (RSNA)
  • Society of Nuclear Medicine (SNM)
  • International Sentinel Node Society (ISNS, Founding member)


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