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Diagnostic device development and biomarker research through the morphological assessment of cancer physical property.

We try to develop diagnostic device through the morphological assessment of cancer property. Generally, cancer tissue is touched as hard mass, and very hard cancer tissue was called scirrhous. Scirrhous carcinoma has been thought to possess high malignant potential. However, objective assessment of cancer tissue has not been performed because assessment modality is immature. We showed that tactile sensor can be used for the cancer diagnosis or the prediction of post-operative complication. Through the framework of joint research between industry and universities, we are developing medical device which contribute to cancer medicine.

Our pathological research also showed that tissue elasticity is mostly associated with the features of tumor stroma, which is actin expression and collagen amount. Gene expression profile is much influenced by the tissue elasticity. Our comprehensive expression analysis revealed that biological characters in cancer tissues are influenced by their stiffness. We have established fibroblast library from whole body. Based on these basic seeds, biomarker research and therapeutic target research can be performed.


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