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International Clinical Trials

Mission & Goal

Our Research

米盛 勧写真

Clinical Trial Project Leader
Kan Yonemori

Issues in medicine and medical care are common themes for the whole world when seeking front line science. On the other hand, the challenges faced by each region and country are diverse, making it difficult to address universal goals.
United States and Europe leads the clinical studies and trials in scale and number.
Asian role is still limited in medicine and healthcare.
ATLAS project aims to establish an international platform for conducting clinical research in the field of oncology in Asia.
In particular, we will conduct clinical research and clinical trials respecially for clinical strategies and drug developments.

With the ATLAS project, the leading facilities in each country for cancer treatment and research will become the core, and will be able to improve quality of research within their own facilities and countries. As a result, they will be able to build a research network and develop effective and efficient international research.
The ATLAS project will co-design and conduct various clinical studies and trials with researchers, medical professionals, and many other professions in different Asian countries.

We believe that the clinical research platform developed by the ATLAS project will be used by academia and companies around the world to greatly advance clinical research in the field of oncology in Asia. By promoting research projects through the ATLAS project, we can obtain " Cancer research of Asia, by Asia, for Asia”.

We expect that ATLAS project will contribute to the future development of drugs and medical care in Asia.

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