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Clinical Trial Infrastructure

Mission & Goal

In the ATLAS project, we will establish a clinical trial network through the development of facilities in order to enable clinical trials to be conducted at overseas sites.

The target countries are Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam ,and where a large population of patient registrations are expected. A total of around 10 sites will be selected from each country, and essential equipment including testing or diagnostic equipment, freezers for conducting clinical trials will be provided. We will implement the equipment that are necessary to conduct high-quality clinical trials at each site.

We will also increase the number of clinical research coordinators (CRCs) affiliated with institutions to strengthen the clinical research support. 
The selected institutions will be asked to enroll certain number of patients in the international collaborative research to be conducted within the ATLAS project. Thus, we will create a strong clinical trial network by assigning liaisons.
In the future, the National Cancer Center will set up an office in the region to take on the local coordination function of the clinical trial network.

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