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Department of Thoracic Surgery

Shun-ichi Watanabe, Kazuo Nakagawa, Yukihiro Yoshida, Masaya Yotsukura, Masahiro Higashiyama, Yuji Muraoka


The Department of Thoracic Surgery deals with various kinds of neoplasms and allied diseases in the thorax, except the esophagus. These include both primary and metastatic lung tumors, mediastinal tumors, pleural tumors (mesotheliomas) and chest wall tumors. The main clinical activity of our department and the subject of most of its research activities has been the surgical management of lung cancer patients.

The Team and What We Do

Our department has 4 attending surgeons and resident surgeons perform all the inpatient care, surgeries, examinations, and outpatient care. In 2022, we performed a total of 736 operations: for lung cancer in 649 patients, metastatic tumors in 8, mediastinal tumors in 50 and other tumors in 29 (Tables 1 and 2).

The treatment strategy for patients with lung cancer is based on tumor histology (non-small cell vs. small cell), the extent of the disease (clinical stage) and the physical status of the patient. In lung cancer patients, surgical resection is usually indicated for clinical stages I, II and some IIIA with non-small cell lung cancer [NSCLC] and clinical stage I with small cell lung cancer [SCLC]. However, to improve the poor prognosis of patients with clinically and histologically proven mediastinal lymph node metastasis or with invasion of vital neighboring structures, optimal treatment modalities are sought in a clinical trial setting. In addition, adjuvant therapy has often been given to patients with advanced lung cancer, even after complete resection.

For metastatic lung tumors, resection has been attempted based on Thomford’s criteria: eligible patients are those who are at good risk, with no extrathoracic disease, with the primary site under control and with completely resectable lung disease. For mediastinal tumors, thymic epithelial tumors are most commonly encountered for resection. In the mediastinum meanwhile, where various tumor histologies can arise, treatment must be carefully determined by cytologic/histologic diagnosis before surgery. VATS resection of mediastinal tumor is indicated exclusively for small thymomas.

As for meetings, there are two department meetings. One is for the preoperative evaluation and postoperative inpatient review on Fridays and the other is for the journal club on Wednesdays.

Table 1. Details of resected disease

Primary lung cancer 649
Metastatic lung tumor 8
Mediastinal tumor 50
 Thymoma 25
 Thymic carcinoma 4
Malignant pleural mesothelioma 5
Others 24
Total 736

Table 2. Details of surgical procedures

Pulmonary resection 672
 Lobectomy 276
 Pneumonectomy 4
 Segmentectomy 295
 Wedge resection 97
Tracheal resection 0
Surgery for mediastinal tumors 50
Surgery for pleural tumors 5
Surgery for chest wall tumors 5
Others 4
Total 736

Research activities

Lymph node dissection for lung cancer has been a major issue in lung cancer treatment and has been extensively studied in our department. We continue to improve our surgical dissection technique, taking oncological and surgical aspects into consideration: a more effective and less invasive lymph node dissection called “selective mediastinal/hilar dissection”, according to the location of the primary tumor by the lobe.

Minimally invasive open surgery (MIOS), using a thoracoscope for thoracic malignancies, is also an important challenge in our department. Indications and surgical techniques of VATS for early lung cancer are of special interest given the increased incidence of such minute tumors due to improvements in CT devices and CT screening.

Recently, the role of segmentectomy has become more important because the rate of detection for early-stage lung cancer is increasing. We have actively performed segmentectomy for early-stage lung cancer in recent years. In 2022, we performed the largest number of segmentectomies as well as lung cancer surgeries in Japan.

Clinical trials

Our department has played an important role as a leading hospital in the Japan Clinical Oncology Group (JCOG) - Lung Cancer Surgical Study Group (LCSSG). To date, the LCSSG has conducted a lot of clinical trials for lung cancer surgery.

In terms of the mode of surgical resection, lobectomy has been the standard mode of resection since 1960. However, with the increased frequency of CT screening and advances in diagnostic modalities, the early detection rate of small-sized or ground-glass opacity (GGO) lung tumors has increased and the significance of limited resection, particularly, segmentectomy is a more important issue in lung cancer surgery now than ever before. In addition, GGO lung tumors are well known to have an indolent behavior, so some cases might be followed up with careful monitoring by CT. Accordingly, we are seeking how best to manage such patients with not only resection but also observation. Three clinical trials to determine the appropriateness of limited resection for early-stage lung cancer (JCOG0802, JCOG0804, and JCOG1211) have been conducted since the end of 2009. Among these three trials, the results of JCOG0802 (a phase III randomized trial of lobectomy versus segmentectomy for small [≤ 2 cm] peripheral NSCLC) were published in the Lancet in 2021. The JCOG0802 study not only confirmed non-inferiority of segmentectomy but also showed superiority in overall survival. These three trials from the JLCSSG could lead to major shifts in clinical practice towards limited resection for early-stage NSCLC. More recently, a single arm confirmatory multicenter study (JCOG1906), a prospective evaluation of watchful waiting for early-stage lung cancer with GGO, opened to accrual in June 2020.

As for lymph node dissection, a randomized phase III trial (JCOG1413), lobe-specific versus systematic nodal dissection for c-stage I/II NSCLC, completed the full accrual of 1507 patients. We await maturation of follow-up data.

Investigating the appropriate mode of resection for compromised patients is also crucial. Two clinical trials are ongoing. A phase III study (JCOG1708), sublobar resection versus lobectomy for patients with resectable stage I NSCLC with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, opened to accrual in May 2018, and a randomized phase III trial (JCOG1909), anatomical segmentectomy versus wedge resection in high-risk operable patients with clinical stage IA NSCLC, opened to accrual in April 2020. In addition, a prospective observational study (JCOG1710A), daily living activities in elderly patients having undergone lung cancer surgery, completed the full accrual of 986 patients.

Regarding adjuvant or neoadjuvant therapy, a randomized phase III trial (JCOG1916), postoperative radiotherapy (PORT) for pathological N2 NSCLC with adjuvant chemotherapy, opened to accrual in January 2021. More recently, a phase III trial (JCOG1807C), efficacy and safety of durvalumab before and after operation or durvalumab as maintenance therapy after chemoradiotherapy against superior sulcus NSCLC, opened to accrual in September 2020.

The LCSSG in the JCOG continues to try to establish ideal surgical treatment strategies for lung cancer.

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