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Department of Dentistry

Takao Ueno, Wakako Yatsuoka, Kyoko Miyamoto, Hiromi Ishida, Yoko Suzuki, Chie Asano


Oral complications are common in patients receiving chemotherapy or undergoing radiation therapy of the head and neck.

Oral complications during cancer treatment are directly linked to ingestion problems, and may even serve as a source of various infections such as aspiration pneumonia, thereby exacerbating systemic conditions, and sometimes preventing the completion of cancer treatment with negative effects on treatment prognoses.

The oral health status of patients with cancer is associated with the incidence rate and the degree of severity of oral complications. Effective oral hygiene management before initiating cancer treatment will contribute to the reduction of oral complications such as mouth sores, oral mucositis, or dental infections, and provide important support to facilitate smooth cancer treatment.

Routine activities

To prevent or reducing oral complications, we check complications during cancer treatment for oral conditions of the patients, identify the patients at risk, and start preventive measures before cancer therapy begins.

Our routine activities for cancer patients is below:

  1. Management of oral complications of high-dose chemotherapy and/or stem cell transplant before treatment begins
  2. Prevention and treatment of oral complications during chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy
  3. Perioperative dental management for the prevention of postoperative pneumonia with oral, pharynx and esophageal surgery
  4. Making prostheses for restoration of postoperative facial defects
  5. Prevention and treatment of medication-related osteonecrosis of the jaw (MRONJ)
  6. Cooperation business of a medical department and dentistry for the solution to dental problems of the cancer patient


The lecture and the practice concerning oral health care were regularly held for nurses and residents.

Future prospects

Making a new system that strengthens collaboration with the nurse ~ An emphasis on preventive dental intervention, carried out screening of the oral cavity problem.

Contribute to medicine and dentistry collaboration in cancer care hospitals in the region.

Number of patients

  • The number of total patients: 9,100
  • The number of new patients: 1,189

List of papers published in 2015


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