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Department of Gastric Surgery

Takaki Yoshikawa, Shinji Morita, Yukinori Yamagata, Sho Otsuki, Masahiro Yura, Hitoshi Katai, Toshirou Nishida


 Our division surgically treats patients with gastric cancer and gastrointestinal stromal tumors (GIST) and also aims to contribute to people through the treatment we provide and the research we perform in this field. Our policies to achieve this goal are:

(1) To provide high-quality treatment for patients,

(2) To perform clinical tasks efficiently and

(3) To help refine treatment through clinical trials and research and provide high-quality education.

The Team and What We Do

(1) To provide high-quality treatment, we introduced a daily morning conference to determine the optimal treatment strategy for new patients. All staff members check endoscopy and CT elements, determine the stage of the tumor based on uniform criteria, then discuss the treatment strategy for each patient, including any issues when applying standard treatment and whether the patient is a viable candidate for any clinical trial. As a special topic this year, we discussed the current status and applicability of the Enhanced Recovery After-Surgery program (ERAS) and introduced ERAS for perioperative care. During this process, we published a review article on ERAS, focusing on applicability to Japanese hospitals above all.

(2) To streamline clinical tasks, we prepared medical documents for patients to ensure uniform explanation and a printed protocol at the conference room and outpatient clinic to check applicability to the clinical trial. We also ease the burden on physicians and residents by eliminating the need for them to prepare the database.

(3) Our division operated a total of 397 cases of gastric cancer and GIST this year (Table 1) and the proportion of laparoscopic surgery increased from 49 to 65% (2017-18) for distal/ pylorus-preserving gastrectomy and from 12 to 21% (2017-18) of total/proximal gastrectomy. Conversely, there were many extended surgeries. We experienced numerous cases of D2 plus para-aortic nodal dissection following neoadjuvant chemotherapy for bulky nodal disease or para-aortic nodal metastasis and several cases of left upper abdominal exenteration for bulky GIST invading adjacent organs and lower mediastinal dissection through a trans-hiatal approach for gastric cancer invading the lower esophagus. We can provide any types of surgery for local control if applicable.

Table 1. Number of each type of surgery in 2018
Table 1. Number of each type of surgery in 2018

Table 1. Number of each type of surgery in 2018
Table 1. Number of each type of surgery in 2018(Full Size)

Research activities

 We publish many English quality papers - more than 12 in the capacity of corresponding author and co-authoring more than 22.

Clinical trials

 We conducted and initiated JCOG1711; a phase-III study to confirm the non-inferiority of omentum preservation to omentectomy combined with standard D2 gastrectomy in patients with T3-4 gastric cancer. The primary results of JCOG1104, a phase-III study to confirm the non-inferiority of 4-course S-1 to 8-course S-1 as adjuvant chemotherapy for stage-II gastric cancer, was published in the Gastroenterology and Hepatology section of The Lancet. The primary results of JCOG1001, a phase-III study to confirm the superiority of bursectomy over nonbursectomy in D2 gastrectomy for patients with T3-4 gastric cancer, were also published in the same section of The Lancet.


 Through an open conference to determine the tumor staging and treatment strategy, trainees could study the nature of standard treatment, issues regarding the applicability of standard therapy and the nature of investigational treatment. They also could experience first/ second assistance of surgery by experienced staff members, scopists conducting laparoscopic surgery and even operators instructed by experienced staff members. To obtain certification from an endoscopic surgeon, trainees could experience animal training and receive video reviews from experienced staff members.

 All three trainees having studied for more than one year covered several clinical research topics. The scope also included publishing of a paper in the Annals of Surgical Oncology (IF: 3.587) this year as well as four papers accepted in Gastric Cancer (IF: 5.554).

Future prospects

 We will continue providing high-quality treatment, streamlining clinical tasks and trials and conducting clinical research and education in the field of gastric surgery to contribute to people.

List of papers published in 2018


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