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Department of Gastrointestinal Medical Oncology

Narikazu Boku, Ken Kato, Atsuo Takashima, Satoru Iwasa, Yoshitaka Honma, Hirokazu Shoji, Hidekazu Hirano, Natsuko Okita, Takahiro Miyamoto, Masahiko Aoki, Hiroshi Imazeki


 The Gastrointestinal Medical Oncology Division focuses on treatment, development of new drugs and establishment of standard chemotherapy regimens including multi-modality treatment with surgery and/or radiotherapy for advanced Esophageal/ Gastric/ Colorectal/ gastrointestinal stromal tumor (GIST), and other gastrointestinal (GI) malignancies.

The Team and What We Do

 The staff of our division consists of eight medical oncologists, two chief residents, and three or four residents. We have a daily case conference every evening and also have a weekly research conference for sharing and discussing the progress of clinical studies and in-house research. Multi-disciplinary meetings with the surgical division (Colorectal, Gastric and Esophageal Surgery Divisions) and the Radiation Oncology Division are held weekly to decide optimal treatment strategies for each patient and to discuss treatment consensus for each disease.

 We treated a total of 21,339 hospitalized patients and a total of 22,795 outpatients (919 of whom were newly diagnosed) in 2018.

Research activities

 We are putting a lot of work in to developing clinical research to establish new treatments. As for the late phase studies, our division is playing a leading role in JCOG (Japan Clinical Oncology Group) and WJOG (West Japan Oncology Group), which is the largest cooperative group in Japan. To develop new treatment, we make early phase clinical trials. Moreover, we collaborate with the National Cancer Center Research Institute for translational research to finde new biomarkers and make a new concept of early phase studies. We published 51 English articles in 2018.

Clinical trials

 We are conducting many clinical trials in collaboration with the Surgery and Radiation Oncology Divisions in our hospital or other institutes. Details of clinical trials are summarized in Table 1, including JCOG trials, WJOG trials, company-initiated trials, and other collaborative investigator-initiated trials. A total of 201 patients were enrolled to these trials in 2018.


 The staff doctors teach residents and chief residents both in daily practice and in clinical research. As for daily practice, we organize teams consisting of staff doctors, residents and chief residents to treat the patients. As for clinical research, the staff doctors present the residents and chief residents with clinical research themes, and teach them how to write the protocols, make conference presentations and complete manuscripts.

 In 2018, our residents and chief residents presented 11 clinical research projects including five clinical research projects at conferences overseas and they published seven English papers as a first author.

Future prospects

 Our division focuses on "clinical practice", "education" and "clinical research" for the development of gastrointestinal cancer treatment. For daily practice, we give the patients the standard treatment; moreover, we will always pay attention to improving patient care to satisfy unmet clinical needs. For education, we will keep educating the residents and chief residents; the staff doctors also strive to keep improving themselves. For the clinical research, we will strive toward next step of clinical development to establish new global standard treatments.

Table 1. Clinical trials conducted in 2018
Table 1. Clinical trials conducted in 2018(Full Size)

List of papers published in 2018


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