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Department of Medical Oncology (formerly Dept of Breast and Medical Oncology)

Kan Yonemori, Tatsunori Shimoi, Kazuki Sudo, Emi Noguchi, Maki Tanioka, Tadaaki Nishikawa, Yuki Kojima, Kasumi Yamamoto, Shosuke Kita, Hitomi Okuma, Chiharu Mizoguchi, Shu Yazaki, Momoko Tokura, Yohei Chiba, Ayumi Saito, Motoko Arakaki, Yasuhiro Fujiwara


 The Department of Breast and Medical Oncology provides the most effective treatments by the use of chemotherapy, and works on the establishment of new standards of care for adult malignancies including breast cancer, gynecologic cancer, soft-tissue sarcoma, and extragonadal germ cell tumor, cancer of unknown primary and other rare types of solid tumors.

 We envision becoming a leading medical oncology department, which makes a difference in cancer care in Japan and in the world. Our mission is to provide patient-centered, state-ofthe-art medical care to cancer patients, to develop new effective cancer treatments through clinical and translational research, and to nurture medical oncologists. An evidence-based, research-oriented and multi-disciplinary approach is the core value of our practice.

The Team and What We Do

1. Setup

 Our division consists of eight full-time attending physicians, four chief residents (fellows), and two to three clinical residents. We also provide educational opportunities to shortterm (half-year) residents. Full-time attending physicians are on duty at the outpatient clinic two to three days per week. Inpatient management is undertaken by clinical teams, which consist of attending physicians and residents. A 'Grand Round' is scheduled every Wednesday and Friday.

2. Performance

 There were 2,112 first visits of new patients in 2018 (Table 1). A total of 36.1% of new patients are breast cancer patients, 19.7% are gynecological, 14.6% are primary unknown and 7.6% are soft-tissue sarcoma in the first visits. We did 773 second opinions in 2018.

Table 1. 1st Visiting Patients to the Department of Breast and Medical Oncology (2018)
Table 1. 1st Visiting Patients to the Department of Breast and Medical Oncology (2018)(Full Size)

3. Conference

 The one-hour briefing medical conferences are held every morning to discuss the evidencedbased care for individual patients. The Phase 1 conference is held on Monday, Journal Club on Wednesday, Clinical trial conference on Thursday, and the Weekend and Outpatient follow-up conference on Friday. Multidisciplinary Case Conferences with diagnostic radiologists, surgeons, and pathologists are held with members of the department of Breast Surgery, Gynecology, Musculoskeletal Oncology and Rehabilitation, Radiation Oncology and Pathology, each once or twice (Breast) per week, respectively.

 The Monthly Breast Cancer Conference is held with the participation of the multidisciplinary specialists to discuss recent topics in breast oncology and to update institutional treatment guidelines. This year, we published "Nyugan-shinnryou Application Notebook" from Nankodo based on these guidelines, which reflects the consensus of the breast team on the body of evidence on breast cancer management.

Research activities

 Our research interest extends across a wide range of topics related to treatment and clinical program development. Many of our researches are secured by public and consignment research grants. In 2018, we conducted many research programs as a primary investigator and participated in additional programs as a coinvestigator in research programs secured by competitive public research funds. We published 44 international manuscripts, focusing on early phase anti-cancer drug development, molecular imaging, and translational research, novel chemotherapy against sarcoma and ovarian cancer, novel biomarkers to predict efficacy and adverse events of anti-cancer drugs and other basic research. We value cancer survivorship as a research theme in order to develop a comprehensive patient-centered care program.

Clinical trials

 In 2018, we actively enrolled patients in phase I studies (including first in human or global) as well as domestic and international phase II and III studies (Table 2). Of note we launched a pharmacokinetic and dose-finding study of eribulin/olaparib, a phase II study of eribulin in a neoadjuvant setting for patients with triple negative breast cancer, a phase III study of tamoxifen with / without palbociclib, Ds8201a for uterine cancer sarcoma and a phase I of RPN2 (first in human) as investigator-initiated clinical trials (IIT in Table 2). New molecular imaging studies are launched in cooperation with research institutes. We also conducted many types of translational studies (TR) to find novel biomarkers.


 We provide rich educational opportunities to both residents and chief residents through clinical experience as well as research activities. Residents are encouraged to make presentations at local and national conferences. We vigorously support basic, clinical, or translational research conducted by postdoctoral researchers.

Future prospects

 We will continue to establish new standard treatments and propose a near-future model of clinical management of adult solid tumors, including breast cancer, and gynecologic cancer. Moreover, we aim to build a comprehensive program, which includes tumor registry, translational research, clinical trials and patient care in rare adult tumors based on our rich clinical experience. We would also like to improve the efficiency of anti-cancer drug development by coordinating basic and translational research in early-phase clinical trials.

Table 2. Active Clinical Trials (2018)
Table 2. Active Clinical Trials (2018)(Full Size)

List of papers published in 2018


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