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Department of Experimental Therapeutics

Noboru Yamamoto, Kenji Tamura, Yutaka Fujiwara, Shunsuke Kondo, Satoru Iwasa, Shigehisa Kitano


In April 2015, the affiliation of the Department of Experimental Therapeutics was changed from the National Cancer Center (NCC) - the Exploratory Oncology Research & Clinical Trial Center (EPOC) to the NCC-Hospital. The goal of our Department is to perform initial clinical evaluation of promising new anti-cancer compounds emerging from the laboratory in phase I trials. The staff of this Department consists of specialists from various oncology fields (that is, thoracic oncology, breast & medical oncology, gastro-intestinal oncology, hepato-biliary & pancreatic oncology, and immune-oncology).

Routine activities

This Department plays an important role in new anti-cancer drug development in Japan as well as in Asia. The top priority is to conduct First-In-Human (FIH) trials, and we also perform phase I trials for solid tumors (that is, all comers). Recently, we have joined the global phase I trial to accelerate new drug development in Japan. Web- or tele-conferences are held with the EU and US sites, and we discuss patient enrollment as well as further developmental strategy. Routine web-conferences are also held between NCC-Hospital (Tokyo) and NCC-East Hospital (Chiba) every Friday morning, and we share information about adverse events, patient enrollment and refer candidates to each other to accelerate enrollment.

Research activities

The elucidation of the proof of concept is essential in new anti-cancer drug development especially in early phases, so we conduct several translational research (TR) projects in collaboration with the adjoining research institute. Comprehensive genomic analyses, named TOP-GEAR-studies, are ongoing to facilitate patient enrollment for new molecular targeted drugs under investigation. Also, we conduct the TR with the pharmaceutical industry to discover new targets for anti-immune therapy using human tissue (tumor and normal tissue) samples.

Clinical trials

In 2015, 20 phase I trials including 8 FIH trials were conducted (Table 1).

Number of patients

List of papers published in 2015


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