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Research Projects

Establishment of ovarian cancer cell lines

As ovarian cancers have frequently druggable mutations at present or in the near future, we first focused on establishment of cell lines from the disease. Since 2014, 67 operative specimens were obtained with the help of Gynecology and Pathology Divisions. After culture conditions were optimized, ovarian cancer cell lines were established from 12 consecutive cases.

Establishment of normal human cell lines

It is important to include normal counterparts in analyzing cancer cells with various methods such as Omics. However, proper normal counterpart cell lines are often not available. We focused on so far difficult-to-cultivate primary human cells, such as hepatocytes, pancreatic duct cells, gastric epithelial cells and colon epithelial cells and developed long-term culture methods and established cell lines by transducing CDK4, cyclin D and TERT.