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Research Papers

  1. Minami K, Sudo Y, Shiraishi S, Seo M, Uezono Y. Analysis of the effects of anesthetics and ethanol on m-opioid receptor. J Pharmacol Sci, 112:424-431, 2010. (PMID: 20379080)
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  3. Sudo Y, Matsuo K, Tetsuo T, Tsutsumi S, Ohkura M, Nakai J, Uezono Y. Derived (mutated)-types of TRPV6 channels elicit greater Ca²+ influx into the cells than ancestral-types of TRPV6: evidence from Xenopus oocytes and mammalian cell expression system. J Pharmacol Sci, 114:281-291, 2010. (PMID: 20948163)
  4. Ando Y, Hojo M, Kanaide M, Takada M, Sudo Y, Shiraishi S, Sumikawa K, Uezono Y. S(+)-Ketamine suppresses desensitization of γ-aminobutyric acid type B receptor-mediated signaling by inhibition of the interaction of γ-aminobutyric acid type B receptors with G protein-coupled receptor kinase 4 or 5. Anesthesiology, 114:401-411, 2011. (PMID: 21245733)
  5. Fujitsuka N, Asakawa A, Uezono Y, Minami K, Yamaguchi T, Niijima A, Yada T, Maejima Y, Sedbazar U, Sakai T, Hattori T, Kase Y, Inui A. Potentiation of ghrelin signaling attenuates cancer anorexia–cachexia and prolongs survival. Transl Psychiatry, 1:e23, 2011. (PMID: 22832525)
  6. Minami K, Yokoyama T, Ogata J, Uezono Y. The tramadol metabolite O-desmethyl tramadol inhibits substance P-receptor functions expressed in Xenopus oocytes. J Pharmacol Sci, 115:421-424, 2011. (PMID: 21372504)
  7. Hashimoto H, Uezono Y, Ueta Y. Pathophysiological function of oxytocin secreted by neuropeptides - A mini review. Pathophysiology, 19:283-298, 2012. (PMID: 22902166)
  8. Horishita T, Ueno S, Yanagihara N, Sudo Y, Uezono Y, Okura D, Sata T. Inhibition by pregnenolone sulphate, a metabolite of the neurosteroid pregnenolone, of voltage-gated sodium channels expressed in Xenopus oocytes. J Pharmacol Sci, 120:54-58, 2012. (PMID: 22878600)
  9. Iwase S, Yamaguchi T, Miyaji T, Terawaki K, Inui A, Uezono Y. The clinical use of Kampo medicines (traditional Japanese herbal treatments) for controlling cancer patients' symptoms in Japan: a national cross-sectional survey. BMC Complement Altern Med, 12:222, 2012. (PMID: 23167528)
  10. Sudo Y, Hojo M, Ando Y, Takada M, Murata H, Kurata S, Nishida N, Uezono Y. GABAB receptors do not internalize after baclofen treatment, possibly due to a lack of β-arrestin association: study with a real-time visualizing assay. Synapse, 66:759-769, 2012. (PMID: 22517292)
  11. Suzuki M, Narita M, Ashikawa M, Furuta S, Matoba M, Sasaki H, Yanagihara K, Terawaki K, Suzuki T, Uezono Y. Changes in the melanocortin receptors in the hypothalamus of a rat model of cancer cachexia. Synapse, 66:747-751, 2012. (PMID: 22460823)
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  13. Uezono Y, Miyano K, Sudo Y, Suzuki M, Shiraishi S, Terawaki K. A review of traditional Japanese medicines and their potential mechanism of action. Curr Pharm Des, 18:4839-4853, 2012. (PMID: 22632864)
  14. Motoyama N, Morita K, Kitayama T, Shiraishi S, Uezono Y, Nishimura F, Kanematsu T, Dohi T. Pain-releasing action of platelet-activating factor (PAF) antagonists in neuropathic pain animal models and the mechanisms of action. Eur J Pain, 17:1156-1167, 2013. (PMID: 23355413)
  15. Yanagihara K, Takigahira M, Mihara K, Kubo T, Morimoto C, Morita Y, Terawaki K, Uezono Y, Seyama T. Inhibitory effects of isoflavones on tumor growth and cachexia in newly established cachectic mouse models carrying human stomach cancers. Nutr Cancer, 65:578-589, 2013. (PMID: 23659450)
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  21. Mizuno K, Kono T, Suzuki Y, Miyagi C, Omiya Y, Miyano K, Kase Y, Uezono Y. Goshajinkigan, a traditional Japanese medicine, prevents oxaliplatin-induced acute peripheral neuropathy by suppressing functional alteration of TRP channels in rat. J Pharmacol Sci, 125:91-98, 2014. (PMID: 24784702)
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