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DNA methylation as a strong prognostic marker in neuroblastomas

Neuroblastoma cases have two extreme outcomes, spontaneous regression and rapid progression. Identification of markers that can predict the prognosis of a neuroblastoma case is therefore important. We identified that DNA methylation of multiple specific CpG islands (CGIs), the CpG island methylator phenotype (CIMP), was a very strong prognostic marker in 140 Japanese cases (hazard ratio = 22) (fig. ) (Abe et al., 2005 ). The strong association between the CIMP and poor survival was faithfully reproduced in 152 German cases (hazard ratio = 9.5) (Abe et al., 2007 ). Almost all the cases with N-myc amplification had the CIMP, and the CIMP was still useful as a prognostic marker in cases without N-myc amplification. The CIMP is a promising strong prognostic marker.


Fig. The CIMP and poor prognosis in neuroblastomas

Neuroblastoma cases with the CIMP has a significantly higher risk than those without