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Spatiotemporal analysis of transcription regulatory networks in cancer

In the process of cancer initiation and progression, various types of cellular stress such as inflammation cause genomic mutations including single nucleotide polymorphisms and copy number variations in oncogenes and tumor suppressors, as well as epigenetic changes, in multiple stages via pre-neoplastic lesions. Since most of the data of human cancer samples were obtained retrospectively from fully-developed tumor tissues, it is hard to predict how and when the mutations were induced, and how alterations to gene expression, genomic mutations and epigenetic modifications lead to the development of these tumors.. By using in vitro carcinogenic system, we aim to clarify how the transcription regulatory network is shifted from normal to cancer mode, and the dynamics of chromatin structure in the carcinogenesis process. By introducing oncogenes and chemically-induced carcinogenic animal models, we have performed spatiotemporal analysis of transcription regulatory networks and signal pathways in the process of tumorigenesis from normal cells to precancerous lesions to malignancy

Clarification of cancer development process is not only important from the viewpoint of basic biology but is also tightly related to the identification and development of biomarkers for the early detection and selection of target molecules for treatment, being a novel strategy for cancer prevention.

Spatiotemporal analysis of transcription regulatory networks in cancer

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