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Instructions for International Patients

Patients meet the following condition, and interested in coming to our hospital for treatment or second opinions, please make an appointment with us through the medical coordinating company.

Who are international patients exactly?

Patients who are not covered by Japan’s national medical insurance resulting from residing out of Japan or other reasons.
Medical fee is calculated 30 yen for one medical point, which is 10 yen for the Japan’s medical-insured patients. (Medical fee is calculated by medical points in Japanese medical system.) It is also taxable.

National Cancer Center Hospital has signed a business cooperation contract with Emergency Assistance Japan, Co., Ltd. (EAJ). To process those patients’ visit, EAJ will get in touch with our Hospital on behalf of the patients. Contact EAJ for an appointment with National Cancer Center Hospital, not contact us directly.

National Cancer Center Hospital does not serve language assistance. Patients who have a Japan’s national medical insurance, but don’t understand the language, please bring a translator with you. Patients who failed to bring one, National Cancer Center Hospital may introduce other hospitals, in terms of safety, where are fully staffed for foreign languages.

To serve smooth and safe clinical work, your understanding is highly appreciated.

About EAJ

Company name

Emergency Assistance Japan, Co., Ltd. (Link to External Site.)


Japanese, English, Russian, Chinese, Korean, Arabia, Thai, Italian, Indonesian, Bengali and more


+81 3 3811 8600

For the first inquiry, Japanese, English, Russian, Chinese languages are available.

EAJ coordinate patients’ visit, thus patients need to sign a contract with EAJ, which means patients need to pay coordinating fee, aside from the medical fee.




What EAJ can help

  • Support for obtaining a medical visa
  • Paying medial fee to hospitals as patients’ representative
  • Interpreting, and translating
  • Arranging accommodation and transportation
  • 24-7 call center during the stay in Japan