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Message from the Director

Takashi Kohno

I am Takashi Kohno, Director of Center for Cancer Genomics and Advanced Therapeutics (C-CAT).

Cancer genomic medicine is a way to optimize and personalize strategies for cancer treatment and prevention based on somatic/germline genomic profiles of cancer patients. Since June 2019, under the umbrella of the national health insurance system, Japan has started cancer genomic medicine with cancer gene panel tests (cancer genome profiling tests). C-CAT was established at the National Cancer Center as an organization that collects and facilitates the utilization of the data derived from the cancer gene panel tests. Approximately 20,000 cancer gene panel tests are conducted annually at more than 200 Designated Core Hospitals for Cancer Genomic Medicine, Designated Hospitals for Cancer Genomic Medicine, and Cooperative Hospitals for Cancer Genomic Medicine nationwide, and clinical information and genome information from the panel tests are securely integrated into the C-CAT under the consent of patients. C-CAT supports cancer genomic medicine by issuing "C-CAT Findings" reports that summarize information on clinical studies and trials relative to each patient, corresponding to their genomic information. Systems utilizing data accumulated in C-CAT has been constructed, making datasets available for use at institutions practicing genomic medicine, academia and industry for medical care and research.

In a tight collaboration with hospitals/institutes/industries, C-CAT strives to contribute to a high-quality cancer genomic medicine. We appreciate your support and cooperation.

Takashi Kohno, Ph.D.
Center for Cancer Genomics and Advanced Therapeutics
National Cancer Center

C-CAT The National Datacenter for Cancer Genomic Medicine(CGM) in Japan