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Section of Knowledge Integration


The Section of Knowledge Integration will construct Cancer Knowledge Database (CKDB) to control quality and advance genomic diagnosis of cancer.

The section coordinate with the information repository system developed by the Section of Cancer Genomics Repository and optimize the CKDB for Japan to support the expert panels(*) at core hospitals for cancer genomic medicine.

(*) About Expert Panels

Cancer genomic medicine is supported by the analyses of genomic information of cancer cells of individual patients, providing underpinning data to facilitate the attending physician’s selection of an optimal treatment method for individual patients. This process, for extracting medically useful information from the source data for a comprehensive genomic analysis, calls for deliberations by multiple specialists. This body is called an “expert panel.” Expert panels are set at all core hospitals for cancer genomic medicine, and the reports these panels produce are sent back to the attending physicians. C-CAT will be providing core hospitals for cancer genomic medicine with a “CKDB report on cancer genome testing” as material among others for deliberation by expert panels



  • Shinji Kohsaka


  • Taro Shibata 
  • Yasushi Goto
  • Katsuya Tsuchihara