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Section of Genomic Data Management


The Section of Genomic Data Management is responsible for developing and operating the system for genomic data management and plays a role in making C-CAT Findings documents (testing annotation documents produced by C-CAT for cancer genomic testing) by performing the following functions:

  • Development and operation of the system that annotates gene information into genomic data received from genomic testing laboratories and hospitals for C-CAT Findings documents
  • Organization, maintenance, and management of obtained genomic data
  • Development of a standardized format for testing annotation documents such as the C-CAT Findings document, which we call CATS (CAncer genomic Test Standardized) format
  • Development of bioinformatics software (“catstools”) that operates CATS format




  • Eisaku Furukawa
  • Jo Nishino
  • Momoko Nagai