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Section of Liaison for Cancer Genomic Medicine Hospitals



  • Our mission in this liaison room is to promote the cancer genomic medicine by sharing and solving practical problems of the Center for Cancer Genomics and Advanced Therapeutics (C-CAT) among the staff at Cancer Genomic Medicine Hospitals.
  • Cancer genomic medicine requires enrichment of human resources, systems, know-how in operations, and the realization of different needs according to each region. Our aim is to capture and share these needs, issues, or practical know-how, so that cancer genomic medicine is performed in a cooperative and efficient manner, and at the same time endure safety for patients.
  • We periodicity hold on-line meetings with members of the 11 designated core hospitals for Cancer Genomics Medicine nationwide to share issues and come up with solutions.




  • Natsuko Okita
  • Hideki Ueno
  • Yusuke Okuma
  • Tatsuya Suzuki