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Overview and Mission

Biostatistics is a branch of statistics that involves the study design, data analysis, and interpretation of research data in the medical, public health, biology and other health sciences. The mission of the Biostatistics Division is to contribute to the providing best evidence and the improvement of clinical practice and public health through the development and application of statistical methods.


Biostatistics Division has four key activities. We closely collaborate with investigators at the Division of Biostatistical Research at the Center for Public Health Sciences , to provide statistical leadership.


Investigators in the Biostatistics Division are actively involved in a various types of projects in collaboration with investigators in the NCC. The projects include basic and laboratory researches, clinical trials, and epidemiological studies. We have a role of responsibility in the planning and implementing statistical methods and the providing statistical considerations in every stage of the studies.

Selected studies include (as of March, 2020, includes ancillary studies):



Biostatistics Division provides biostatistical consultation and expertise, which supports investigators throughout the NCC. We offers advice to formulation of a research question and decisions of study design and data analysis plan, as well as support for data analysis, interpretation of statistical results, and other statistical matters.

As of March, 2017, we have offered 360* consultations since Biostatistics consultation was initiated on September, 2013. 

Recent activity (April 2019 – March 2020)

115* consultations were requested.

Affiliations of Applicants
  • Hospital:101
     Mediacl Oncology:24
     (pathology, pharmacy, etc)
  • Research Institute:7
  • Others:7

* Consultations for the collaborative studies including 1) and others were excluded from the count.



Biostatistics Division provides Biostatistics lectures for non-statistical investigators in the NCC, with the goal of learning and reviewing the basic concept of Biostatistics in cancer research. In addition, we host Biostatistics lectures to cover current and important biostatistical aspects of various application fields.

For details of lectures, please check out here  (in Japanese).

Methodological Development

Biostatistics has a close connection with real applications. Investigators in the Biostatistics Division develop statistical methods that are motivated and integrated with the subject-matter areas. Current methodological projects that investigators in the Biostatistics Division work on are in various areas, including clinical trial database, clinical trial designs, and epidemiology.


Division Chief

Taro Shibata

Section Head

Aya Kuchiba

Staff Scientist

Junki Mizusawa, Masashi Wakabayashi, Gakuto Ogawa, Ryunosuke Machida, Ryo Sadachi

Project Researcher

Akihiro Hirakawa, Shogo Nomura, Masanao Sasaki, Ikumi Takashima, Ryo Kitabayashi, Kohei Uemura, Kanako Fuyama, Seiichiro Yamamoto

Administrative Assistant

Chihiro Yaita, Yuki Konda