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Research Administration Section


Research Administration Section manages application, contracts, expenses and reporting competitive research grants from the Ministry of Health, Labour (MHLW) and Wealth, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT), the Japan Agency for Medical Research and Development (AMED) and others.  The Section also serves as an office for the National Cancer Center Research and Development Fund, which is based on the government funding for operating expenses to fulfill the NCC mission as a leading institution in the cancer control strategies in Japan.

The Section answers various daily questions and requests from the researchers and their staff and conducts questionnaire to understand and address their needs and difficulties in the research funding.

To assure the right and appropriate accounting of the research grants, the Section operates the Proper Grant Management Conference, which joins all the organizations and departments involved in the research grants in NCC.  The Section has been developing the grant management system in accordance with the revised Guidelines for management and audit of public research expenditure at research institutions (implementation standard, February and March 2014 by MEXT and MHLW, respectively) and is in charge of the seminar to prevent improper accounting of the research grants in NCC.

The Section is also responsible for the seminar for the research integrity in NCC based on the Guidelines for Responding to Misconduct in Research in the Health and Labor Fields (January 2015 by MHLW).

In addition to the regular activities above, the Research Administration Section often serves as the contact and/or coordinating office for the communication and collaboration with other National Centers, MHLW and other government bodies.  The Section would continue to participate actively in various works necessary for NCC to fulfill its mission.

Staff (Full-time)

  1. Head
    Nobuko Ushirozawa
  2. Manager
    Yutaka Inazu
  3. Staff
    Namiko Aoshima