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EPOC Project

Definition of the EPOC projects

  1. Research managed by the Department of Strategic Programs of EPOC
  2. Research composed of multiple basic and clinical departments

Requirements for the EPOC projects

  1. Clarify the clinical derivation including clinical research
  2. Aim to derive the basic and clinical results to companies
  3. Clarify the research period and achievement goals

Information of the EPOC Projects

Project for Resistance to Cancer Therapies


  • Establishment of SOPs for generation of cell lines from clinical samples or PDX models to investigate resistance to cancer therapies
  • Multiomics analysis, including single-cell analysis using existing or newly established cell lines
  • Multiomics analysis, including single-cell analysis using PDX and clinical samples
  • Validation of mechanisms of resistance identified by multiomics approaches


Project for Medical Device Development


  • Install of equipment for prototyping and acquisition of non-clinical POC
  • Establishment of system for Research fund acquisition, intellectual property strategy and regulatory strategy
  • Establishment of the base technology for various types of academia seeds
  • Collaboration with medical device company


Project for Co-clinical Trials


  • Establishment of SOPs for non-clinical models and quality control
  • Generation of non-clinical models from biopsy specimen
  • Establishment of co-clinical trial systems
  • Start of co-clinical trials


Project for Supportive Care Research


  • Bilateral translational research from academia to companies and from companies to academia
  • License out compounds derived from academia to companies
  • Support of phase I and II study regarding supportive and palliative care fields
  • Cooperation with the supportive and palliative care research support office


  • Yasuhito UEZONO /Project for Supportive Care Research(NCC-EPOC)

Project for Prevention of HPV-related Cancer


  • Development of Adenovirus vector expressing Cas9 nickase and 8x gRNA targeting HPV DNA
  • Demonstration of POC in in vitro and in vivo models
  • Production of GMP-grade adenovirus vector
  • Framework construction for a clinical trial targeting HPV +ve HNSCC
  • Start of the clinical trial
  • Framework construction for a clinical trial targeting other HPV-related diseases including CIN and cervical cancer


 Project for Fully Automatic Specimen Preparation

  • Feasibility study for processing equipment and full automatic embedding machine
  • Equivalence study for processing equipment and fully automated embedding machine compared to conventional method
  • Feasibility study for fully automated thin sectioning, staining, and sealing machines
  • Equivalence study for fully automatic thin sectioning machine, staining machine and sealing machine compared with conventional method


Shingo SAKASHITA/ Division of Pathology(NCC-EPOC)