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Organization of EPOC

Click on each group's logo, you can wathch the research abstruct.

Group for Clinical Research

Div. of Experimental Therapeutics

Group for Translational Research

Div. of Biomarker Discovery

Div. of Translational Genomics

Div. of Innovative Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

Div. of Clinical Pharmacology and Translational Research


Div. of Cancer Immunology


Group for Innovative Cancer Treatment

Div. of Cancer Immunotherapy

Div. of Supportive Care Research


Div. of Psycho-Oncology


Div. of Pathology


Div. of Developmental Therapeutics


Group for Innovative Diagnostic and Therapeutic Device

Div. of Science and Technology for Endoscopy

Div. of Surgical Technology

Div. of BNCT Medical Research


Div. of Radiation Oncology and Particle Therapy


Div. of Functional Imaging


Experimental Animals

Section of Support of Animal Experimentation


Section of Experimental Animals


Inquire About collaborative Research

  1. We will promote collaborative research with the outside more in future.
  2. If you would like to inquire about our research, please contact the following contact.
  3. Your inquiries will be accepted at the secretariat of EPOC. It will be anonymized as necessary.

Secretariat of EPOC

Inquire About Collaborative Research

Contact US

Secretariat of EPOC
メールアイコン Mailaddress : EPOC_HP●east.ncc.go.jp (● replace to @)