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Research Summary

  1. Development and development support for novel drugs for cancer patients with cachexia and patients with anticancer drug that possess cardiotoxicity
    • Cancer patients with cachexia and patients with anticancer drugs that possess cardiotoxicity
    Development of novel drugs for the improvement of cardiotoxicity. Desacylghrelin and its specific novel receptors are attractive candidates.
  2. Creation and clinical development of novel opioid preparations (μ/δ opioid dimerized receptor-specific agonists that cause less side effects)
    • Cancer patients with opioid tolerance and cancer patients having side effects due to opioids
    Opioids are used as strong analgesics in cancer patients; however, they show several types of side effects and tolerance as well. In the project, functions and properties of opioid receptors (μ, δ and κ) have been extensively studied. As a result, we have been able to develop novel μ/δ heterodimer-specific agonists with strong analgesic effects but less tolerance and fewer side effects.
  3. Establishment and implementation in detection system of biomarkers of delirium that predicts its onset, with analysis of bloods from patients undergoing long-term cancer surgery
    • Cancer patients undergoing long-term cancer surgery and the patients treated in the ICU
    We identified novel biomarkers that predicts onset of delirium with bloods from cancer patients underwent long-term surgery. They were identified with the methods of metabolome analysis and measurement of particular cytokines and hormones from the bloods. We will establish and implement system for detection of biomarkers that predict delirium onset in the clinic.