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Division of International Health Policy Research


Viewing cancer as a global health issue that shall be tackled by Asia and by the entire world, the division will be involved in standardization of the international code or rule-setting and research methods, and improving the research level of Asian countries. Through these activities, we shall establish the research infrastructure of public health sciences.

Besides establishment of the research infrastructure, our objective is to connect to more large-scale researches and domestic/overseas projects by starting up pioneering model research with international organizations, overseas research institutions and cancer centers, 6NC (The 6 National Research Center for Advanced and Specialized Medical Care in Japan) etc, and then demonstrating research outcomes. Our research includes international comparative studies for setting standards and guidelines in cancer registration/statistics and cancer diagnosis and screening, infrastructure development such as cancer registration and proposal of cancer control measures based on research on cancer policy. Furthermore, our research spans from basic research to clinical trials, treatment, care and survivorship of rare cancers such as pediatric cancer. We proactively work together with other departments of the National Cancer Center.