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Division of Supportive Care, Survivorship and Translational Research

Supportive care refers to measure against side effects and adverse events to cancer treatments; palliation of cancer symptoms and end-of-life issues; mental and psychosocial care;  provision of cancer related information; treatment and care to comorbidities; and support for family members/caregivers. Cancer survivorship refers to all experiences after being diagnosed with cancer, regardless of the details of the cancer diagnosis.

With the aim of realizing a society in which people can live with cancer, we are conducting research that will contribute to supportive care and survivorship for people live with cancer.

We also manage the Japan Supportive, Palliative and Psychosocial Oncology Group (J-SUPPORT). The aim of the J-SUPPORT is to develop and validate supportive care, which has been studied insufficiently across the world. It is a multicenter research group that operates in collaboration with experts, who are actively working in Japan or in other countries, in various fields including supportive care, palliative medicine, mental/psychosocial care, and data science.