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New Agreement with National Cancer Center, Indonesia

November 15, 2017
National Cancer Center
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The Secretary General of the Indonesian Health Ministry, Dr Untung Suseno Sutardjo, together with the President Director of Dharmais Hospital, National Cancer Center of Indonesia, Dr Abdul Kadir visited the National Cancer Center (NCC), Japan on October 13th, 2017.
On the day, the two organizations signed a new agreement to expand cooperation. The NCC has earlier trained specialists to support the establishment of a cancer registry in Indonesia. Training of endoscopists for early stage cancer diagnosis, and an information system project for pathologists also brought the two institutions closer.

  • 覚書締結の画像1

    Dr Nakagama and Dr Kadir with the signed documents

  • 覚書締結の画像2

    Dr Kadir, Dr Nakagama, Secretary General Sutardjo, and Dr Nishida-Director, NCC Hospital

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    Dr Kardinah with Dr Matsuda – Section Head, National Cancer Registry, Center for Cancer Control and Information Services/International Affairs. Establishing an Indonesian national cancer registration with high quality data was discussed in detail.

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    Dr Kadir