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Cancer Registration Seminar in Myanmar

July 21,2017
National Cancer Center
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The National Cancer Center co-organized a cancer registration seminar, in Yangon, on 12-14 June in Myanmar. Collaborating with the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) and the National Cancer Institute, Thailand, Tomohiro Matsuda, Kumiko Saika, and Megumi Hori delivered lectures on registration, screening and control of cancer, to over sixty participants engaged in cancer registries in Myanmar.

In line with the program developed by IARC, the seminar introduced the significance of cancer registration, utilization of cancer registry information to cancer control, methods of extracting data from clinical information, and coding and staging of tumours. The second day was a model registration hands-on session, utilizing IARC developed software installed on participants’ own computers.

With a democratic government elected in 2015, the 51 million population of Myanmar has opened up to the global community. As in other developing nations, there are concerns over the increase in non-communicable diseases including cancer; however there remains much to be done to capture the burden of cancer in the country. Following the seminar, we plan to continue to support cancer registries in Myanmar.

As an IARC GICR Collaborating Centre, the NCC shall continue to support nations in the Asian region facing the growing burden of cancer, by providing cancer registration consultancy services.


WHO/IARC establishes NCC as GICR Collaborating Centre (May 30, 2017)

Cancer Registration Seminar