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National Cancer Center Japan - IARC Seminar 4

August 22th, 2018
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The National Cancer Center (NCC) Japan, together with the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), co-organized its fourth seminar on July 23rd 2018 at NCC Japan. IARC Director-Elect, Dr Elisabete Weiderpass (Head of Research Department, Cancer Registry of Norway) whom will take office on January 1 2019 for a five-year term as the first female Director of IARC, visited NCC Japan to give a presentation on “The role of IARC in cancer research and cancer control - Potential interactions and collaborations with Japan”.

During the seminar, Dr Weiderpass discussed the vision of IARC such as the strengthening of international collaborative studies in cancer prevention for low and middle income countries and review of WHO Classification of Tumors (Blue Book) editorial team. Furthermore, she commented on the fact that the proportion of elderly people in the Asian populations is high, leading to increase in the number of cancer incidence in countries such as Japan, and addressed the anticipated contributions from the Japanese scientific community on support on high quality cancer registration data, as well as applications for positions at IARC.

In addition to the long-standing commitment to cancer registration in Asia, NCC Japan will continue to cooperate with IARC in epidemiology projects, dispatch of staff, and preparation of classification codes for cancer registration for the purpose of cancer control.

  • Group Photo

    Group Photo
    From left; Drs Ochiai, Matsuda, Weiderpass, Nakagama and Yamamoto

  • Dr Elisabete Weiderpass

    Dr Elisabete Weiderpass