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Kazakhstan Delegation visit

7 March 2019
National Cancer Center
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A delegation of the National Cancer Research Center (NCRC) of Kazakhstan, lead by Dr Daulet Baipeissov, the Deputy Chairman, visited the National Cancer Center in February 2019.
Established by the President of Kazakhstan the NCRC is to be opened in 2021 in the capital Astana with 210 beds, coordinating all cancer services in the Republic.
On February 13th, the group visited Kashiwa campus, met with Dr Atsushi Ohtsu, the Director of Hospital East, then was shown around the proton treatment facility by Dr Tetsuo Akimoto, Chief - Radiation Oncology.



With shells in hand - Dr Daulet Baipeissov, Ms Satoe Kito, Dr Sanjar Uralov, Dr Tetsuo Akimoto、Dr Saniya Abdrakhmanova, and Ms Zhanat Kadyrova


The discussion (from left) Dr Tetsuo Akimoto, Dr Atsushi Ohtsu, Dr Sanjar Uralov, Dr Daulet Baipeissov, Ms Zhanat Kadyrova, Dr Saniya Abdrakhmanova


The delegation later visited Tsukiji campus, paid a courtesy visit to Dr Hitoshi Nakagama, President of National Cancer Center, and visited the Hospital.

(from left) Dr Seiichiro Yamamoto, Dr Sanjar Uralov, Dr Saniya Abdrakhmanova, Dr Hitoshi Nakagama, Dr Daulet Baipeissov, and Ms Zhanat Kadyrova


With a population of 18 million and abundant resources, Kazakhstan is at the crossroads of east and west. The National Cancer Center will continue to welcome visitors from all corners of the world.


with Dr Jun Itami, chief – radiation oncology department


At the pathology and clinical laboratories, with Dr Hiromichi Matsushita