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Japan-China-Korea NCCs Top Meeting

5 July 2021

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On 30 June 2021,National Cancer Center Japan hosted the presidents of the National Cancer Centers in China and Korea at a web meeting, where they shared cancer control in each country, and the strategic plans of respective Centers. With Tomohiro Matsuda, Head - Office of International Affairs, moderating the meeting, Dr Jie HE, President of the National Cancer Center of China, Dr Hong Gwan SEO, President of the National Cancer Center of Korea, and Hitoshi Nakagama, President of the National Cancer Center, each presented their visions for the future. This is the first such meeting with Dr Seo, who assumed the Presidency in January 2021. A short discussion session followed, where collaboration ideas between the three countries were exchanged, before concluding the meeting.

  • 韓国国立がんセンター総長Dr Hong Gwan SEO
  • 中国国立がんセンター総長 Dr Jie HE

 国立がん研究センター 理事長  中釜斉

(Upper row, from left)Dr Seo, Dr He

(Lower row)Dr Nakagama


Dr Nakagama