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G7 Cancer is launched

May 24, 2023

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On 9 May, G7 Cancer, an international partnership to accelerate the global fight against cancer was launched at the initiative of the French National Cancer Institute (INCa). The group aims to strengthen cooperation between partners to accelerate the fight against the disease, and in particular to address the most complex challenges. Dr Hitoshi Nakagama, our President took part in the first meeting held in Paris, where the memorandum of understanding was signed to set the framework, priorities and actions of each partner was shared, then set priorities, and entrusted the presidency for the first two years of the framework to INCa.

The priorities for the G7 Cancer for the next years are:

  • International data strategy, focused on pediatric cancers as a model
  • poor prognosis cancers (pancreatic/esophagus/stomach and liver cancers)
  • cancer outcome inequities
  • prevention (precancers, screening programs, multi-cancer early detection)

Partner organizations are: Cancer Australia, Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR)、Cancer Research UK (cruk)、French National Cancer Institute (INCa), German Cancer Research Center (dkfz)、US Department of Health and Human Services, National Cancer Institute



from left: Ms Mayer, Dr Elliott, Drs Nakagama, Dr Breton, Professor Keefe, Dr Gopal, Dr Liu


More information available on INCa site here:

https://www.e-cancer.fr/Presse/Dossiers-et-communiques-de-presse/G7-Cancer-7-organisations-a-la-pointe-de-la-lutte-contre-les-cancers-renforcent-leur-coordination-pour-accelerer-les-progres-au-plan-mondial (link to external site)