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Romanian Delegation visit

September 11, 2023
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On September 4, a delegation of the Presidential Advisor for Health from Romania visited the National Cancer Center. We were honored to welcome a distinguished delegation.
After a welcome speech by President Nakagama, Dr Păun, Presidential Advisor for Health responded by introducing her delegation and reported on the current situation in Romania. A presentation followed, on the current state of cancer and cancer control in Japan by Dr Inoue, Chief -Division of Prevention and Deputy Director of the Institute for Cancer Control.
The Romanian delegation actively engaged with the topic, asking numerous questions, leading to a lively and insightful exchange of ideas.

ルーマニア大統領府アドバイザーご一行来訪 写真
Group photo

(front from left) Cristina Berteanu, Valentin-Veron Toma, Diana Loreta Păun, Dr Nakagama, Dr Inoue
(back from left) Roxana Hainagiu, Oana Cristina Voinea, Geta Medeleanu