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Cancer Genomic Medicine in Japan Engages International Interest - Article Published on Cancer Discovery

November 4, 2022
National Cancer Center Japan

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  • Upon invitation, an article introducing C-CAT was published on Cancer Discovery.
  • In Japan, over 40,000 patients took a gene panel test under universal health coverage since 2019. With their consent, and cooperation of hospitals and test companies, a database is constructed with clinical and genomic information not seen in other parts of the world.
  • The C-CAT knowledge database is expanding daily. Academic research and drug development utilising this is anticipated to deliver new treatments to patients.
  • l  Utilization in academic research and utilization in drug development started in 2021 and are accelerating, counting usage by over 40 groups/units, including pharmaceutical companies. Its usage is anticipated to advance cancer medicine in Japan, and globally.


An article on the Center for Cancer Genomics and Advanced Therapeutics (C-CAT) at the National Cancer Center was published on Cancer Discovery on November 2, 2022. Cancer genomic medicine in Japan is unique and is being noted, where gene panel tests are covered by universal healthcare. Since 2019, over 40,000 patients have taken gene panel tests at cancer genomic medicine hospitals(233 nationwide, as of August 2022), and with patients’ consent, the genomic and clinical (including drug usage and response) information is aggregated onto the database at C-CAT. A platform for utilising its data was established October 2021; currently over 40 groups/units, inclusive of pharmaceutical companies, are using the data in academic and drug development research. The center thanks patients, medical institutions, and test companies for their generous support. Steadfast promotion of cancer genomic medicine under the Nation’s policy, driving academic research and drug development utilizing big data is anticipated to advance cancer medicine in Japan and the world.


Upon this publication, C-CAT express its gratitude to the following parties:

  • Patients, for generously consenting to data registration and its utilization
  • Cancer genomic medicine hospital staff, for registering clinical information with C-CAT
  • Test companies, for registering gene panel test data

C-CAT will continue with its endeavors to advance cancer genomic medicine in Japan and the world.


Journal name

Cancer Discovery


C-CAT: The national datacenter for cancer genomic medicine in Japan


Takashi Kohno, Mamoru Kato, Shinji Kohsaka, Tomohisa Sudo, Ikuo Tamai, Yuichi Shiraishi, Yusuke Okuma, Daisuke Ogasawara, Tatsuya Suzuki, Teruhiko Yoshida, and Hiroyuki Mano* (*corresponding author)




https://aacrjournals.org/cancerdiscovery/article/12/11/2509/709981/C-CAT-The-National-Datacenter-for-Cancer-Genomic(linked at external site)


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