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NCC signs comprehensive MoU with WHO/IARC

December 5, 2017
National Cancer Center
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The National Cancer Center (NCC) of Japan signed a comprehensive memorandum of understanding with the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), to develop the framework for collaboration between the two agencies.

IARC, the specialized cancer agency for the World Health Organization, investigates the causes of cancer, conducts and promotes cancer prevention research and cancer control. As a longstanding member of IARC, the NCC has worked together with IARC in epidemiology, cancer registration, WHO classification of tumours, carcinogen risk assessment, and towards the reduction of tobacco use.

Following the new appointment in global cancer registry development earlier this year, the NCC, jointly with IARC, co-organized seminars and cancer registration training sessions in Southeast Asia.

The latest memorandum, concluded on September 19th, expands the scope of joint research and personnel exchanges for carcinogen research, epidemiology, genomics, early stage diagnostics, screening, prevention, and survivorship. With further engagement in establishing standards in cancer control and research, the NCC envisages to contribute towards developing a reinforced infrastructure for international collaboration.

Following the conclusion of the new agreement, a genomics research project studying environment exposure and tumours through genomics has been launched in November, and NCC staff is to be seconded to contribute in tumor classifications.


About IARC

Based in Lyon, IARC promotes and coordinates research in cancer surveillance, in carcinogens, in elucidating the mechanism of carcinogenesis, and establishing control strategies against cancer. IARC Monographs(Link to External Site.), the classification of carcinogenicity to humans, Global Cancer Observatory (GCO)(Link to External Site.), which cancer incidence(Link to External Site.) and mortality data (Globocan)(Link to External Site.) compiled by the Surveillance Department, and the WHO/IARC Classification of Tumors Series(Link to External Site.) are widely known. The agency also plays a major role in training and educating cancer researchers, and coordinates a biobank from 600,000 subjects.


  • contribution in revising pathological classifications of tumours
  • synergy effect on research
  • expanded exposure to international research projects
  • engagement reinforced, in establishing cancer control international standards, furthering partnerships

WHO/IARC establishes NCC as GICR Collaborating Centre
May 30,2017


Dr Christopher Wild - IARC Director, with Dr Nakagama - NCC President, with the agreement designating NCC as the world’s first collaborating centre for global cancer registry development, Lyon, May 2017


from far right  Drs Brennan and Cree of IARC on tour at the NCC Pathology and Clinical Laboratories, October 2017


from far right  Dr Nobuyoshi Hiraoka, Chief – Biobank and Tissue Resources, welcoming Dr Suleeporn Sangrajrang of National Cancer Institute Thailand, and Dr Ghislaine Scelo of IARC, August 2017.

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