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Department of Experimental Therapeutics

Toshihiko Doi, Kiyotaka Yoh, Yoichi Naito, Takahiro Kogawa, Hideaki Takahashi, Tomoko Yamazaki, Yasutoshi Kuboki


The Exploratory Oncology Research & Clinical Trial Center (NCC-EPOC) Phase I Group has been organized to promote early drug development especially the first in human (FIH) trial in 2012. The phase I group consists of two sub-units (NCCE-Kashiwa and NCC-Tsukiji), which are organized by each hospital. The goal of both/each unit is to perform initial clinical evaluations of promising new anti-cancer compounds emerging from laboratories. Our phase I unit is the largest program in both Japan and Asia, and we contribute to the development of new cancer drugs through early phase trials.

In April 2013, the Department of Experimental Therapeutics was launched to strongly promote the EPOC missions as previously described. The members of the Department of Experimental Therapeutics consist of specialists in their oncology fields. Also, we have conducted/contributed to IIT using yet-to-be-approved new drug and academia seeds.

Routine activities

This Department plays an important role in new anti-cancer drug development in our center as well as in Japan. The top priority is to conduct the FIH trials, while we also perform the phase I trials for solid tumors (that is, all comers). Recently, we joined a global phase I trial to accelerate new drug development in Japan. Web- and teleconferences are held with EU and US sites, and we are discussing patient enrollment as well as further developmental strategy. Routine webconferences are also held between Kashiwa and Tsukiji campuses every Friday morning, and we are sharing information about adverse events, patient enrollments and are referring candidates to each other to accelerate enrollment. Several IIT-FIH using new class seeds are conducted by each unit and also yet-to-be-approved company agents

Research activities

The elucidation of the proof of concept is essential in new anti-cancer drug development especially in the early phase; we conduct several translational research projects in collaboration with the adjoining research institute. In the Kashiwa campus, comprehensive genomic analyses, which is known as the ABC-study, is ongoing to facilitate patient enrollment for new molecular targeted drugs under investigation. Also, a new immunemonitoring system for immune agents has been established in the hospital; the system is controlled by Professor Nishikawa.

Clinical trials

In 2015, 38 phase I trials were conducted. (Table 1).

Table 1. Phase 1 Trials in 2015

List of papers published in 2015


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