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Office of Cancer Registry

Hironobu Ohmatsu, Takashi Kojima, Tokiko Inagaki, Yumi Ishii, Maiko Miura, Yayoi Ohtsuka


In September 2014, the “Health Information Management Office” was separated into the Medical Information Management Office and the Office of Cancer Registry. The Office of Cancer Registry is a department for executing a hospital-based cancer registry.

Routine activities

Diagnostic cases registered in 2014 in the hospital cancer registry (the first visit of cancer patients diagnosed from January to December in our hospital) were 5,796 (of which, initial treatment conducted in our hospital: 3,833 cases: in our hospital diagnosis only: 150 cases; after the start of treatment in another hospital: 941 cases; and diagnosis and treatment in another hospital (including a second opinion): 872 cases). The number of new registrations shows that the number of female patients has been consistently less over time than male patients due to irregular situations according to department (see Table 1).

The number of new registrations according to the place of residence was 786 in Kashiwa City, 461 in Matsudo City, 353 in Nagareyama City ... (see Table 2)

Last year, for the first time, the hospital cancer registry aggregate results (2014 cases) were published in the internal server of the hospital because it is seen as basic data that can help in medical care, research and the management analysis. In the future, we aim to publish these results every year.

Table 1. The number of cancer registrations of NCCH-East Table 2. The number of new registrations according to the place of residence