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Nutrition Management Office

Haruka Citose, Yumi Ochiai, Takako Kuroda, Marie Ohishi, Kana Shiraiwa, Taichi Watanabe, Keiko Asano, Rumi Noda, Ayuko Umezawa, Yoshio Shimokawa, Hideki Takano, Koichi Abe, Takahiro Takahashi, Tatsuya Hirakawa, Satoshi Watanabe, Hideki Ogiwara, Akio Sairennji


In 2015, we focused on the activities of the NST (nutrition support team). Increasing the number of consultations was an effort to improve quality. We received an increase in health care fees.

Routine activities

Dietary meals totaled 327,706 in 2015, and we gave nutrition-related dietary advice to 2,612 persons. There have been 1,577 new requests for consultations with the NST, an average of 131 per month (Table 1). The total number of consultations in 2015 was 2,094. 2015 saw 50% growth against the previous year.

Cooking classes for cancer prevention were held three times as planned.

Cooking classes to cope with cancer symptoms have been held 167 times since the beginning of the program.

Table 1. Number of NST Collsultaticns in 2015 (New request number)

Research activities

We are doing a “study on the effectiveness of rehabilitation and nutrition therapy in perioperative hepatobiliary surgery”. The “Impact on the development and postoperative complications of obesity in colon cancer patients of a preoperative weight loss program” is also carried out. These studies were to verify the effect of preoperative nutritional guidance. And, through team medical practices, we are aiming to participate in a total treatment plan.

In other research, there is a diet support research for cancer survivors.


In the field of human resources development, we have a strong commitment to education and training and have conducted eight university courses for registered dietitians within universities. By strengthening our cooperation with universities, our aim is to enhance research activities in the future through the development of human resources.

Future prospects

Regarding the cooking classes that we have worked on over many years, we will consider a better plan to offer the classes in a way to meet the needs of patients and their families, and locals. In addition, we plan to hold numerous lectures for local residents. We will plan these together with the government. We want to disseminate information and understanding of said information about diets that influence cancer therapy and cancer prevention among a lot of people .