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On-Table Adaptive Radiation Therapy


Using a combination of Cobalt-60 radiation source and a superconducting magnet, the system will be able to provide real time high-quality soft-tissue imaging with 3D anatomical structure during the treatment. Precision radiation therapy became possible now that we are able to see the target and critical structures where the radiation dose is actually being delivered.

The MRIdian System

Target for Treatment

Solid tumors localized in the target, solid tumors where lesions other than the target are controlled.

Comparison with current radiation therapy

Solid tumors localized in the target, solid tumors where lesions other than the target are controlled


  • The MRIdian system provides 3D anatomical information in real time on the tumor and surrounding organs during treatment. The information enables to optimize treatment management, such as even when the tumor moves 3cm or more by breathing, the system will be able to locate the target.
  • The MRIdian system provides continuous MRI imaging during treatment, which enables on-table adaptive therapy. The system will be able to optimize the treatment planning day to day if the dose distribution changes due to weight loss or tumor shrinkage.


  • Current radiation systems will not able to provide good soft-tissue imaging with real-time treatment.
  • It takes more than 4 hours for adaptive radiation therapy planning on current systems, whereas the MRIdian system will take less than 20 min.

Soft tissue imaging

Advantages of MRIdian

  • 3)Advantages of MRIdian 01
  • 3)Advantages of MRIdian 02

Medical Treatment Fee

Not covered by Japanese health insurance
Private medical treatment (\2.1M including tax)
Application for advanced medical care in preparation