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Asian Partnerships Section


10 Jun 2022 MoU signed between NCC and Siriraj Hospital, Mahidol University, Thailand, June 2022.
14 Jun 2022 Asian Partnerships Office was established in Bangkok, Thailand.

Mission & Goal

松田 智大写真

Tomohiro Matsuda, M.D., Ph.D.

The Asian Partnerships Section promotes cancer diagnosis, research, and education throughout Asia promoted by National Cancer Center Hospital (NCCH), and contributes to reducing the burden of cancer in the Asian region. In order to cooperate with Asian countries, we will strengthen internal infrastructure within NCCH, and at the same time, we will establish a secretariat in Asia as a local representative office of NCC (NCC Asian Office). Once established, we will dispatch an office staff to NCC Asian Office to promptly and reliably promote collaboration with Asian countries based on the primary information from the local community and the trust we have cultivated in person locally. In addition, the ARO function in the conduct of clinical trials in Asia, which is aimed to be deployed at the NCC Asian Office, will enable multinational co-investigator-initiated clinical trials to be conducted at an appropriate cost.

Through local media and events, we will also conduct public relations activities to raise the profile of the National Cancer Center as well as the level of cancer diagnosis, research, and education in the Asian region through active interaction among medical personnel, which will contribute to the promotion of our international initiatives.



Tomohiro Matsuda


Mitsumi Terada
Nobuko Ushirozawa
Hisahiro Ito
Sayuri Yokota
Kumiko Yanagihara
Hitomi Otsuka

Asian Partnerships Office (APO)

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