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International Medical Care Section

Mission & Goal

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Tatsunori Shimoi M.D., Ph.D. 

At the National Cancer Center Hospital (NCCH), the area of international medical care has been positioned as one of the most important international activities to be promoted under a unified vision of the Department of International Clinical Development in which the International Medical Care Section has been established.

 In 2020, Newsweek magazine ranked NCCH as one of the world's best hospitals, ranked the first in Japan and the 16th in the world in the field of oncology, which has contributed to earning an international reputation. In fact, the number of medical treatments for patients of foreign nationals living overseas continued to increase until last year when COVID-19 hit the world.

The mission of the International Medical Care Section is to improve the quality and the quantity of medical care for foreign patients and position our Section as a critical foundation for providing international medical services within NCCH. We also promote internationalization of the hospital as a whole in cooperation with the Sections of international education and research. Specifically, regarding the treatment of foreign patients living overseas, we will raise the visibility of our hospital by overcoming some hurdles related to the medical treatment system within and outside of the hospital. Even in the era of living with COVID-19, we will continue to work to improve the quality of medical services for patients of foreign nationals.



Tatsunori Shimoi


Siichiro Abe
Hiroshi Igaki
Miyuki Sone
Shunske Tsukamoto
Youko NakahamaM.D.,