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International Research and Development Section

Mission & Goal

大熊 ひとみ写真

Hitomi Okuma, M.D, Ph.D.

International Research and Development Section plans and implements international joint clinical research led by NCCH with an emphasis on Asia, thereby solving issues in Asia and promoting cancer treatment development throughout Asia.

Specifically, the MASTER KEY project will be expanded to the ASEAN countries (MASTER KEY Asia) to collect and accumulate medical information and genome information from Asian countries, and to clarify the current status of cancer treatment and the background of the diseases specific to each region. In parallel, multinational clinical trials are to be conducted to increase the number of treatment options in Japan and other Asian countries and to improve the standard of medical care.

These activities require cooperation with a number of stakeholders, and we will aim for international therapeutic development while sharing differences in needs and issues between regions by utilizing the know-how of each industry, academia, government, and private sector.



Hitomi Okuma


Yuta Maruki
Yusuke Okuma
Masamichi Takahashi
Koichi Ogura
Chiharu Mizoguchi
Lina Inagaki