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Consultation, Counseling and Support Service Center

Masaki Kato, Kayoko Miyata, Natsuko Moroi, Rieko Shimizu, Naoko Goto, Mariko Tsuchiya, Miho Koitabashi, Megumi Ohsuga, Mariko Shimizu, Yumiko Fujimaki, Tomoko Asayama, Hyeon Ok Kim, Emi Takeuchi


The Consultation, Counseling and Support Service Center provides psychosocial support services for people with cancer and their families. Staff, referred to as “Cancer Counseling and Support Specialists,” were qualified as medical social workers, nurses and clinical psychologists. We make extensive efforts to solve patients' problems.

Routine activities

  1. Consultation, Counseling and Support Services
    1. Face-to-face counseling
    2. Telephone counseling

    Both face-to-face and telephone counseling are available for not only cancer patients but also their families and any people concerned with cancer. Any inquiries related to cancer such as cancer treatment and financial, social and psychological issues are accepted. We also make efforts to support special cases such as job seeking and infertility issues. Although we have tackled work-related issues so far, they are one of the major issues facing patients. Since 2013, we have cooperated with a “Hello Work Navigator,” a job-finding advisor, and Social Insurance Labor Consultants to help cancer patients find new jobs and provide professional advice regarding managing cancer treatment and work. Moreover, we have prepared for the launch of a service for young adult patients who are concerned with impact of cancer treatment on fertility.

  2. Activities accompanying Consultation, Counseling and Support Services
    1. Holding group programs for patients and their families
    2. Working on an interdisciplinary team with other medical staff
    3. Coordinating care and patient pathways

      We hold the following support groups and programs for the patients and their families

      • The class for pancreatic cancer and biliary tract cancer
      • The class for women before undergoing breast cancer surgery
      • The support class for job seekers

    We work with an interdisciplinary team with physicians, nurses and medical staff to improve or sustain patient's quality of life as much as possible. Also, in order to coordinate patient care and patient pathways, we arrange social resources and contact with other hospitals and institutions.

  3. Cooperation activities with other regional hospitals and institutions
    1. Information sharing with regional hospitals and institutions
    2. Managing the medical institution database
  4. Activities related to volunteers of the NCCH
  5. Activities related to NCCH committees
  6. Activities related to the education of NCCH staff
  7. Administration of the patient library

Research activities

Research into young adult patients' concerns related to infertility has been conducted.


We lecture and act as facilitators in seminars for education of Cancer Counseling and Support Specialists.

Future prospects

We practice high-quality cancer counseling and support, develop models and disseminate the results for the whole county.

Number of cases (January 2015-December 2015)