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Health Information Management Office

Hiroshi Nishimoto, Mieko Furumoto, Shinobu Fukuoka, Yukiko Sekimizu, Masami Kakimoto, Marika Nozuki, Chie Ogura, Hisayo Nishizawa


The Health Information Management Office was established in April 2011. We took over several duties from the Cancer Information Service and Surveillance Division. One of them was the medical record administration, and the others are the auditing activity for discharge summary and the National Cancer Center Hospital Cancer Registry (NCCH-CR), which is executed as a hospitalbased cancer registry. Some statistical activities for the NCCH and prognostic investigation were taken over by the Medical Affairs Office, but since the main initiatives of the NCCH are activities against cancer, we will expand our role as the major statistics office of the NCCH.

Routine activities

Medical Record Administration

We perform the management of the patients' database based on their medical records. Their clinical data, such as examination, surgery, and outcomes are summarized and indexed.

Auditing Discharge Summary (quantitative inspection)

Data on discharge summaries should be entered by the attending physician. We inspected and checked about 16,000 summaries and where required, gave advice regarding correct input.

NCCH Cancer Registry (Hospital-based Cancer Registry)

The office has continuously managed the NCCH-CR since 2004, handling more than 5,000 records per year (Table 1). We have provided our data to the Japanese Institutional Cancer Database that is handled by the Center for Cancer Control and Information Services of the NCC.

Future prospects

We have developed and tested software for medical record administration and cancer registry, “Hos-CanR”, collaborating with the Surveillance Division of the NCC. We will effectively perform our duties using this integrated information system.

Table 1. Cancer Patients Data from the NCCH-CR