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Physician Referral Service Office

Hidehito Horinouchi, Makiko Murase, Maya Ozawa, Hisako Tanaka, Keiko Tsutsumi, Fumiko Onishi


The physician referral service office was established as an independent section directly under the director of the hospital. The mission of this Office is to provide appropriate access to best cancer practice for more patients and their physicians. To help cancer patients with various needs to visit the National Cancer Center Hospital, the physician referral service office consists of a physician, a nurse, a medical social worker and one clerk. This office also corresponds with inquiries for patients' medical records from their physician. Another important activity is to record and analyze the information concerning patients' referral to the National Cancer Center Hospital.

Routine activities

  1. Physician referral service
    Through strong collaboration with the reservation center, this office helps patients and their physicians promptly select the proper doctor.
  2. Inquiry for patients' medical record
    We receive and correspond with inquiries for medical records from physicians who see patients from our hospital.
  3. Relationship with affiliated hospitals and clinics
    We send reminders to patients' physicians at the time of patients' first visits to our hospital. To maintain our relationships, we hold regular meetings and invite physicians from affiliated hospitals and clinics.
  4. Record and analysis of clinical information
    The information of all patients and their physicians is appropriately recorded in order to analyze and apply for next strategies for a better service.
  5. Corporation with intramural departments and staff
    To provide best practice, we make a considerable effort to collaborate with intramural departments, sections and staff.

Future prospects

The physician referral service office will continuously support patients, physicians and other medical staff for better cancer treatment and care.

Table 1. Routine activities of Physician Referral Service Office