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The Center for Cancer Control and Information Services (CIS) is a nationally funded program established in 2006 as an essential part of NCC's extramural activities. The Center for Cancer Registries was newly established in January 2016. Since then, the CIS consists of one center and five divisions. The mission statement of the CIS is as follows: "The Center for Cancer Control and Information Services promotes cancer control for the Japanese nation based on correct information."

One of our key mandates is to provide all patients and their loved ones with the means to access comprehensive cancer-related information at the point of need, and with appropriate context including websites such as "ganjoho.jp". An important step in this direction followed with publications for patients with cancer diagnosis, revision of a cancer information handbook for patients with cancer named "Guidebook for cancer patients" and a publication for workers named "Prescription for cancer survivors".

The CIS promotes nationwide cancer control programs based on the newly enacted Act on Promotion of Cancer Registries, as the standardization of hospital-based cancer registries in Designated Cancer Care Hospitals.

The CIS also builds partnership with Designated Cancer Care Hospitals to support all health-allied professionals concerned with cancer control in Japan in a pathology consultation service, a radiology consultation service, a cancer image reference database, a radiotherapy case service, and the promotion of medical education programs for cancer control.

The CIS aims at research activities and advocacies based on four pillars: Monitoring and Evaluation, Development and Research of Practical Programs, Public Education and Information Services, and Promoting Policy and Networking.

Fumihiko Wakao, M.D.

Director, Center for Cancer Control and Information Services