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Division of Prevention

Shizuka Sasazuki, Taichi Shimazu, Michihiro Mutoh, Charvat Hadrien, Nagisa Mori, Miho Nozue, Shingo Miyamoto, Manami Inoue, Yingyan Gong, Eiko Saito, Issei Ezawa, Md.Shafiur Rahman, Ruri Nakanishi, Masami Sakano


The Division of Prevention has planned and conducted independent and collaborative studies on cancer prevention, with a special focus on environmental, lifestyle factors and biomarkers. Several epidemiological projects are currently in progress.

Our team and what we do

Our division focuses on prevention researches to investigate and develop prevention methods (lifestyle, chemoprevention, molecular marker, etc.), risk prediction, risk stratification models, and evidence-based cancer prevention guidelines.

Research activities

1.Evaluation of cancer prevention strategies in Japan and cancer prevention guidelines

To develop an evidence-based cancer prevention strategy in Japan, a systematic review of epidemiological research was conducted. The strength of evidence was evaluated in a manner similar to that used in the WHO/FAO Expert Consultation Report, in which evidence was classified as 'convincing', 'probable', 'possible', and 'insufficient'. Through this method, passive smoking was evaluated to have 'convincing'and 'possible'effect on increasing the risk of lung cancer and breast cancer, respectively. A web-based tool to predict the 10-year risk of developing gastric cancer based on the combination of H. pylori infection and atrophic gastritis status, so called 'ABC method', and lifestyle factors was constructed and released to the press to be more widely used (Figure 1). A pooled analysis of Japanese cohort studies was conducted and we found that the pooled analysis do not support the possible inverse association between fruit and vegetable consumption, and overall cancers in the Japanese population. The Asia Cohort Consortium (ACC) is a collaborative effort seeking to understand the relationship between genetics, environmental exposure, and the etiology of disease through the establishment of a cohort of at least one million healthy people throughout Asian countries. The ACC Coordinating Center was established at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center (Seattle, USA) and moved to our division in 2014. The data analysis system on-site and via remote access is now established, and several projects are ongoing.

2.Population-based Prospective Study (the JPHC study and the JPHC-NEXT Study) (primarily the development of preventive measures such as risk prediction; searching for chemoprevention candidates)

Ten-year cumulative probability of lung cancer occurrence estimates were calculated based on age, gender, and smoking-related factors taking into account the competing risk of death from other causes in the JPHC Study. This model might be used to encourage high-risk individuals to quit smoking and undergo screening. The association between cruciferous vegetables and lung cancer along with soy food and blood pressure were also analyzed.

Clinical trials

1.Development of prevention measures based on interventional research

We started a double-blind, randomized clinical trial of aspirin and mesalazine to see if these drugs suppress the occurrence of new adenomas in patients with a history of multiple colorectal adenomas. Another clinical research project aiming to develop colorectal cancer chemopreventive drugs is currently in progress.


We have provided lectures on statistics, and supervised the research of one college student and a visiting research scholar.

Future prospects

We focus on research for the development of effective cancer prevention strategies. In addition to current established evidence, new perspectives such as biomarkers from blood and tumor tissues will be incorporated. This approach may lead to more accurate cancer prevention strategies by risk stratification. Furthermore, research aimed to search for an effective tool to support behavior modification for promoting health will be planned.

Figure 1. Web-based tool 'Gastric cancer risk check'(http://epi.ncc.go.jp/riskcheck/gastric)

>Figure 1. Web-based tool
>Figure 1. Web-based tool

List of papers published in 2016


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